Speeding up your calabash-android tests with Genymotion

The Problem

Executing android automated tests using the standard Android AVD Emulator can be incredibly frustrating. It can take an age to load, and when it does, it is very unreliable in contrast to the iOS simulator which is fast and very reliable.

Ever had to modify your automated tests just to get your tests to actually run (for example increase wait times?) You get into the office, see your end-to-ends are red, you run them on an actual device they pass, every time! If so, read on…

The Solution

Introducing Genymotion, the android equivalent of the iOS simulator.

The benefits:

  • Completely free for personal use
  • Plenty of device/API options, currently there’s more than 10 of the latest devices on the market.
  • Quick, its starts almost instantly and is the most stable android emulator that I’ve tried. The standard emulator can take anything up to 60 seconds to load (results may vary depending on your OS etc).
  • It can be integrated with Jenkins for continuous integration.

You have to try it to believe the difference!

– Happy Testing!


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